Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monster Mash

It's amazing how all my boys come from the same womb, but they are so different from each other.

These differences manifest themselves in different ways, but the most recent was during a movie.

I was desperate for some quiet time and decided to pop in a movie for the youngest ones hoping it would work. Sometimes, movies just don't do it for my little ones.

I turned on the movie and tiptoed away. So far so good.

I grabbed my current book and hopped into bed, snickering. Oh, yeah. It's me time.

A couple chapters later, I realize it's too quiet.

Is the movie actually working? Are they really watching it?

No way.

So, putting on my spy face, I tiptoe to the door and peek around the corner. If they really are watching it, I don't want to disturb anything. After all, I'm in a crucial part of my book.

There they were. The three of them. All glued to the screen. After watching the adorable scene they made together, I started noticing the part of the movie they were so entranced with.

Maybe I should mention that I put in the movie Monsters, Inc.

Yeah. I forgot about the part where "Kitty" scares the crap out of the robotic boy in the practice session and therefore, scaring the crap out of "Boo" and making her cry.

Realizing this a little too late, I watched the reactions of my boys. Seven-year-old Sleepy's eyes are big as baseballs, five-year-old Happy looks bored and nonchalant, and two-year-old Sneezy slaps his hands over his eyes so he can't see anymore.

Yes. You can say it.

I'm a bad mother for letting my little baby see the big, scary monster movie.

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Deborah said...

No way. I would have done the same! No bad mother blames whatsoever!!