Thursday, June 10, 2010

Homeschool Rambling

I never dreamed I would one day homeschool my children.

Growing up, I thought that homeschool was just a weird concept and that homeschooled kids were a little off.

Then I grew up and learned differently.

If the homeschool kids are a little off then that's because the parents are. I mean, they would have to be to want to teach all of their children themselves.

Take me, for instance.

Whenever I am introduced to people and they find out that I homeschool my children and that I have five boys, their reactions are always the same.

Complete and utter thankfulness that it's not them.

I do wonder if I am doing the right thing or just plain crazy.

There are subjects that I love to teach like History and Literature, but I'd rather put a stake in my heart than do a science experiment or math.

I love teaching my sons, but sometimes the burden of their education sits too heavily on my back. There are a lot of mornings when I get out of bed still in the fetal position.

I question myself all the time.

I try to drill into my sons' brains that education is very important, but I'm afraid it's going in one ear and out the other.

What will my sons' remember about this time of their lives? Will they remember it as absolute torture? Do they call me "The Terror" behind my back?

There are the frustrating days. Sometimes, it's like pulling teeth to get them to stop daydreaming and do their work. I have to sit there and make sure they do it instead of doing laundry, etc. because they'll start goofing off and before you know it, paper is flying everywhere not to mention the cat. Therefore, sometimes my days are not as productive as I'd like.

There are the good days. These days make up for the frustrating, pull-out-my-hair days.

The days I will cherish and think about forever because they all culminate into a big part of my life.

I don't know what will become of my sons.

All I can say is, after all this one-on-one attention, they better not become a bum.

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