Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Cool Mom

I've always wanted to be the "cool mom".

You know, the kind of mom that never raises her voice. I always imagine the "cool mom" to be able to explain to her children the reason why they can't do something in a calm voice with logical reasoning.

Of course, her children always understand this logical reasoning and reacting to her peaceful, sweet voice, naturally, they acquiesce to her request with no more wimpers and whines.

The cool mom also bakes something sweet everyday.

Cookies are a must to munch on when waiting for dinner. She always makes sure the kids never grow too hungry and something is always there to give to them in the meantime.

The cool mom lets them jump on their beds, too. If she passes by their bedrooms, she just laughs at their antics and continues on. Never mind that their rooms look like a tornado hit it. She can just clean it up tomorrow.

The cool mom knows how to tune out the loudness, too. After all, they have to learn to express themselves and if they're having a really good time, she wouldn't want to bust their bubbles by telling them they need to be quiet.

Who cares if it sounds like an army of zombies battling it out in the living room at 8:45pm. They'll be going to bed soon and she can relax for about half an hour before she, too, hit the sack. She doesn't really need more time than that, right?

The cool mom also lets them eat in the living room....or anywhere else in the house that strikes their fancy. How else are they going to watch TV and eat at the same time?

I also envision what it will be like to be the "cool mom" when the boys are teenagers.

A "cool mom" understands that they will still be learning all the rudiments of shaving and seeing hair scattered all over the bathroom sink is just going to be one of those things that happens during this time of discovery.

Also, they will be in such a hurry that they will revert to their toddler days and urinate all over the toilet trying to get done as fast as they can so they can make it back in time to finish whatever it was they were doing at the time when their bladder so rudely interrupted them.

The cool mom also knows that growing boys have really big appetites and need their nutrition so it's okay when they eat an entire loaf of one sitting. Oh, and don't forget those cookies will always be in demand.

Thinking about it for a while, pursing my lips, I realized, "Welp. I'm definitely not the "cool mom".